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Commentary from the owner Devon Colebank:

Why do we give stuffed animals, mainly teddy bears, for Valentine's Day? 

What do they have to do with romance? 

Personally, I've never looked at a teddy bear and thought "romance" or "love." It's a toy. Why would I give an adult a child's toy to represent my affection for them? They have other stores and...things...for that. 

The first and most obvious reason, teddy bears are usually designed to be as cute and tender as possible. From nurseries to dinner dates, the teddy bear has become cliche for a reason. However, when proper thought, time, and consideration is put into selecting the perfect teddy bear for that special someone, it can still go a long ways towards making someone smile. It's all about the message you send through the teddy bear you choose. 

This particular one is for your ex... “FUCK YOU”


  • 6 inches

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