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Commentary from the owner Devon Colebank:

What is the pussy pedestal? It’s a super lofty place that you rest potential
matches or people you are seeing when you feel particularly bad about
yourself. Putting the pussy on a pedestal means that you believe whoever you
are dating or talking to is too good for you.
You start convincing yourself they are talking to or dating other people that
are funnier or more attractive than you. You begin to believe that the pussy is
so wonderful that you do not deserve it. That it’s above you. That at any
moment they are going to dump you or ghost on you because they realised they
are better than you.
The only way to stop putting the pussy on a pedestal is to have more self
believe. To know that you’re attractive, funny, kind, caring, and any person
worthy of what you’ve got to give will eventually come along. Anyone that
treats you poorly or makes you feel like you’re beneath them can suck a DICK.
Their “pussy” isn’t worth the pedestal any way.


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